'Pulled over DAY 2' | SUGAR WATER TOUR LOG

my kind, hard-working, hard-loving, and beautiful friends & family,

Updates continue!

As many of you know I have been on tour! Tomorrow makes a week on the road and it has been incredible so far. To those of you who I've just met, welcome. Thank you for your generosity and caring while I've been on the road. To those of you who have supported me for a long time, look how far we've come. :) I wouldn't be here without you and I hope you'll enjoy the tour log and updates! 

~ here begins the Tour LOG ~ 6.1 & 6.2

I was on my butt in the car for Day 1 but got a short hike in at THE GULCH and made it to my Airbnb before dark. My host Sara and her roommate Heather were so sweet and made me dinner and drinks. These weren’t just any drinks either…Sara works at Barr Hill Gin Distillery and made us gin martini’s with Hibiscus-infused iced cubes.   It was my first classy adult dinner party with girl talk. (If you're in need of a place in Hardwick or close by, please patronize Sara, she's an amazing host. The link to her Airbnb is HERE.)
I drove into Burlington Day 2 for my gig a bit bleary-eyed and couldn’t wake up even after two cups of coffee. I think that Dunkin’ may have poisoned me. When I stopped for my medium iced regular, contemplating the idea of a life lived chained to a giant coffee conglomerate, it just so happened to be free donut day. All was right with the world again. (THAT IS HOW THEY GET YOU.) ...I haven’t had Dunkin’ since though and I seem to be doing fine. 
Radio Bean, the venue I played in Burlington is awesome. If you're a musician and haven't played there you must go. I met The Cosmonautz (a duo from Maine) who had just finished their set and we chatted a bit over drinks. Every tried a CAIPIRINHA? (Cachaça, fresh squeezed lime & raw sugar)…it is the national drink of Brazil. How about a NEGRONI (Gordon’s, Campari & sweet vermouth)? ...The second one had me feelin’ so good that I may or may not have forgotten a line or two of my tunes. (I blamed the traveling but Tamira the bartender set me straight by gesturing meaningfully at my cocktail.) To be fair she did try and dissuade me from drinking this particular cocktail at 4pm in the afternoon haha.
All in all my set went well and I found my way at 11pm to pick up my mom from the airport. (She’ll be with me for the Canada part of my tour.) It was on our way back to the Airbnb that I got pulled over. It was late and I was trying to get back! We were literally .1 miles away as usually happens. Luckily this small-town Hardwick cop let me off with a warning. 
Next installment, CANADA. 


all my love,


ps. I’ve decided to do a little ‘Bathrooom’s of the Tour’ photo series for you. One day these bathrooms will be on a list of traveling destinations….Best Bathrooms in North America and you’ll have seen them here first. 

Haley Haerr-Hartmann