'How to Get a Millennial to Adulthood' | SUGAR WATER TOUR LOG

dearest friends and family, 

I can't tell you what a relief it has been to be on the road traveling and adventuring. These past few years I have been working to emancipate myself from my parents (whom I love dearly!) as a person in their early 20's should. I've been looking at jobs, working jobs, and trying to find A GOAL to work towards that I feel good about. It's hard to justify a 3 week tour and an EP without a goal...and honestly I'm not sure that going into this project I had something firm that I was working towards. 

Putting together the 'Sugar Water' EP and Tour though has made me realize just how much I've wanted to be a performing artist ~ as a job ~ for a long time. My experiences this past month have helped me work up the courage to say that OUT LOUD. I think many of you realized before I did and really supported me on my journey. Oh the trouble I'd have saved if you'd only just told me who I was supposed to be when I grew up.  (Kidding!)

Day 8 mom and I visited the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (which is way better if you're planning a trip!). We decided not to take the boat ride because it looked super wet and cold and we surmised that we wouldn't be able to see much anyway through the foggy spray. If you're not up on your 'Niagara Facts' there are three falls, the Canadian Horseshoe Falls (below), the American Falls, and the far-away Bridal Veil Falls that are separated by an island. They are huge and beautiful and at night they are lit up by giant pink lights. 

I had terrible anxiety about crossing the border but we passed through customs easily. (I once took Megabus from Toronto to Boston and had a customs officer grill me so extensively that I worried my bus was going to leave without me.)

In the late morning of day 9, mom and I were woken up by the crowing of a handsome young rooster at our Airbnb telling us in rooster tongue to "get on the road and explore the Rust Belt" so mom and I drove down to Butler, PA where I played an open mic at a coffee shop, Cummings Coffee and Candy and heard a moving rendition of Whiskey and You that reminded me why I love music. Some great musicians drop out of high school and some get their doctorate, what makes music touching is not a musician's level of education, it's a musician's willingness to open their heart to an audience and ask that audience to receive their humanity. Music is an agent of peace and understanding. 


Day's 10 and 11 mom looked for things to do in the cities we were visiting and found some interesting tourist destinations. We visited the 'Randy House' in Pittsburgh where artist and proprietor Randy collected and decorated thousands of strange artifacts that he used to adorn his house and lawn. And we stopped at the Hartman rock garden where molder Harry George 'Ben' Hartman used rocks to build garden-sized replicas of destinations like the Pennsylvania State House with the Liberty Bell and the White House during the Great Depression. 

On day 12 mom and I took our last mother daughter hike before I dropped her off at the airport in Indianapolis and drove down to Linton, IN to visit friends. We jammed and recorded a video of Angel from Montgomery which is HERE should you need some music to get you through this long diary entry! In the morning I left for Chicago where I had my favorite show of the tour so far. Starting out as a BBQ and outdoor concert at my good friend Sarah's, it thunder-stormed and was moved inside and eventually turned into an evening of revelry and a wild dance party in Sarah's college auditorium theater. 


Next installment: Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. 


all the best,


ps. If you are coming to Funk's for the show tonight please listen to the EP ~ there is nothing more incredible than an audience who comes prepared.  I am so excited to see you all! 

Haley Haerr-Hartmann