'Communists in Ottawa?' | SUGAR WATER TOUR LOG

dearest friends & family, 

~ Here continues the Tour LOG ~ 6.3 through 6.8

Mom and I left in the early hours of Day 3 for Montréal. We had a fantastic time in the city staying in the cultural ‘Mile End’ district, home to artists, musicians, and apparently some famous film-makers. It was so accessible and quaint and the coffee & food were WONDERFUL. I might drive up, cross the border, and suffer the anxiety of the language barrier just to taste the latte that I had at Le Dépanneur again. (I had two .) 


I worried about fitting in while we were there, not appearing too touristy because Montréal is so cool. (To give you an idea, How I Travel ranked Mile End the #1 coolest neighborhood in the world and one of MTL's own blogs described it as the place of the 'bonafide hipster'.) ...So one of my favorite moments was on Day 4 after my set when I discovered that most of my audience wasn't from Montréal. Many people were visiting from all over the world, there were even some folks from Boston. My other favorite moment was mom making an illegal left at an intersection, and a traffic cop telling us to “go back” (home, I think was the implication when he saw our Wisconsin license plates). 

Day 5 mom and I made the road trip to Ottawa, Canada’s very charming capital city. Our host Katie, a complete sweetheart, had the most well-decorated little place, and the tiniest driveway I've ever encountered. We had a touch of trouble easing the Subaru in and out of it but alas, we don't drive a Yaris. (Katie, the kindest and most amenable host, can be found HERE.)


That evening was my gig at the Avant-Garde, a Russian bar decorated with communist propaganda (I did not know this going in). But mom & I had a wild time and the other artists on the bill, Alanna Sterling and Miss Addiction were both excellent in their own right. Please check out Alanna's music if you like jazz influenced pop/rock, she's a stunning local vocal talent.

We spent days 6 & 7, our last in Canada, in Toronto! I wasn’t able to gig there but it was a complete blast to show my mom around (she hadn’t been before). We wandered through Kensington Market, China Town, and down Queen St. West, even attempting to get a little music in at the Free Times Cafe open mic (but it just so happened that this particular night was all in French!) #francopenmic

Sur le Pont d’Avignon 

On y danse, On y danse…


I was fortunate while at Berklee to travel to the city many times for romantic and work-related reasons and become acquainted with it’s bold and outspoken arts scene. It is one of my favorite places that I’ve been and one day I’d like to sell out a show there. If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth the trip! 

Next installment, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, & Indiana. 


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ps. just in case you're wondering, the vintage orange bell-bottoms didn't fit,  but somewhere out there is a pair with my name on it.  We're playing Marco Polo.

Haley Haerr-Hartmann