dearest friends & family,

~ Here ends the Tour LOG ~ 6.13 - 6.23

Before I get into the log I want to tell you what a beautiful and fulfilling first tour I have had. It was the best thing I've ever been part of and I want to pause, reflect, and give thanks. ~ Here's to many more trips, shows, and adventures. ~ I feel so blessed to be able to play music and be healthy and able to travel. Every person that I met was so very wonderful to me while I was on the road and I hope that these stories and the music that we shared can repay some of the kindness you've showed me. 

This is a long entry, so I want to start with the last show. My childhood friends, family, and teachers who helped me grow into the musician I am today came out to support me and made the last night of the tour so special. Thank you for bracing me when things weren't perfect and for never letting me quit playing music. Mom, Dad, Geordi, Gran, Christine, and Leyla I am so grateful. 


Day 14 unfortunately hosted the most disheartening show of the tour at a Potbellies in Milwaukee.  It was hard coming off the beautiful house show/party that I had with Sarah and her friends in Naperville but what can you do!? There were only a handful of people in the restaurant and the manager on duty wasn't very welcoming. When I was done playing, I packed up my things and could not get out of there fast enough. 

Luckily the day was saved by my good friend Jazzy (one of my earliest Patreon supporters!) coming out to see the show. She brought me a bag full of goodies from Lush and took me out for a hearty Wisconsin dinner of fried-cheese curds, french fries, and mixed drinks at a secret restaurant called Safe House. We had to put on a show pretending to be claustrophobic mimes to enter...


Day 15 I relaxed at home, visiting friends, planting flowers at my parents', and going to see my brother Geordi's ultimate frisbee game. I was so rested that I took on the MREA fair, day 16, with a little too much enthusiasm.  Dad introduced me to the stage enthusiastically (see his hand gestures above) and I debuted my new tune, "I Feel a Glow", for his co-op Legacy Solar. I should have used the lyrics but my computer was malfunctioning in the heat and so I had to play the song twice, once at the beginning and one at the end to do it justice. My set was in the afternoon, which left much time for beer drinking and rabble-rousing, resulting in my light to medium day 17 hangover. In the morning dad took me to the diner of my childhood, The Crystal Café, in Iola, WI, where my grandparents had a cabin growing up. The Crystal boasts an incredible Rhubarb pie and Rhubarb pie is the best medicine. 

As we continued on into the north woods, dad and I chatted about music as a business and how would I make a living. "Was the tour going to be profitable?" He asked. And I was trapped in a car with him so I had to answer... 

Days 18 and 19 I played a couple of beautiful little restaurant shows; one at Bitters and Bull in Lake Tomahawk, WI, and the other at Endion Station in Duluth, MN. Dad and I split an entire rack of ribs one night (on the house!) and I about keeled over on the way out the door. They were sooo good.

On the drive down to Minneanapolis the next day dad had a little adventure on a suspiciously unkempt trail, got last, and had to hop over a rusty fence to get back to the main road. I cut myself while stumbling over and we had to go to Urgent Care so I could get a tetanus shot.  Eeek. I was so worried that my arm was going to be too sore to play but luckily my arm was fine for my next show. 


When we arrived in Minneapolis dad and I visited family, Russ & Nancy (thank you! ), and they told me embarrassing stories about hosting my dad when he was my age. I guess he was a little wild in his youth.  On day 21 I played the Gingko coffeeshop and got to meet some of my dad's friends as well as see my friend Jess from high school who I hadn't seen in years. 

The last show on the road at Pulpit Rock Brewing Company in IA was great fun. The manager Whitney had me try the most delicious raspberry sour beer that was so good I'm going to have to go back, and everyone was so kind. As dad and I were driving home I felt momentarily saddened that I'd left the Midwest, but then I thought about how much I'd been given and what I'd learned moving to Boston and I had to remember that each place has something unique and wonderful to offer. Day 22 I kicked back and relaxed at home before playing the most beautiful tour wrap show at Funk's Pub in Fitchburg, WI. I was so happy with everything and I felt so lucky to be surrounded by people who cared deeply about music and wanted me succeed. My mom & dad are rockstars, more so than AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Def Leppard combined.Thank you mom & dad.

Next installment: back to work in Boston sending out the Indiegogo care packages! Oh...and there's a music video on the horizon! 


love & thanks,


Haley Haerr-Hartmann